Planning A Destination Wedding

Hi Guys!

I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile – but never seemed to. Cause well, LIFE. But, I finally am and I am so excited! I went back and forth on what my first post should be about and well if you follow me on social media, I’m sure you know that I’m getting married in three months!!!! It’s so crazy how fast time goes by. Rich & I have been engaged since December 2016, and literally in a blink of an eye, the wedding is ALMOST here! So naturally, I had to do my first post about the planning process and the details without spoiling too much! 😉

Rich and I are getting married in a small, remote city named Verona which is located in upstate NY. Rich grew up in Long Island and a lot of my family lives in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, so we always knew that we wanted to get married somewhere up there versus our families having to travel down to Florida (which is where we live). Upstate NY has always been close to home for me, I grew up going to Lake George when I would visit my family. BTW…If you have never been to Upstate NY I highly recommend it. It’s literally like a different world up there in the summers! Don’t go in the winter though. You will freeze, literally. So, I did some research and found this amazing place called Turning Stone Resort Casino. Once we saw what the venue had to offer, there was no questions asked! We just knew it would be the perfect spot!


Rich and I are so excited to tie the knot in New York! Although, it has been overwhelming to plan a destination wedding. We have done a few trips upstate to visit and meet with vendors, but it can still be stressful at times! I can’t even imagine what brides go through when planning a wedding that’s out of the country!!

Here are some things that I have found helpful when planning a destination wedding:

1. – literally a LIFE SAVER. One of the first things I did was create our wedding website and start a checklist. It is so convenient, user friendly, and has really helped me become more organized. (I am the farthest thing from organized so this really has helped a ton)

2. Book your main vendors ASAP. (Venue, Planner, DJ, Florist, Photographer/Videographer, etc) As soon as we booked our venue I booked our main vendors a few weeks after and I am so glad that I did. You will be surprised how fast vendors can get booked up and getting your main ones out of the way will really ease up the rest of your planning process.

3. Hire vendors that have experience at your venue. Since you are not going to be too familiar with the area, make sure your vendors are. Have them show you pictures of previous weddings at your venue, that way you won’t have to stress on your big day. Trusting your vendors and their expertise is SO important!

4. – Track all of your flights VIA google and set up low price alerts with your email. This has been so helpful, especially for my bridal party and family in Florida. I get emails everyday of the airfare, that way I can let people know when it’s the best time to book their flight!

5. Send out save the dates/invites EARLY. It is never too early to let your guests know the details of your wedding. Letting them know way in advance allows them to take time off work, book flights/hotels and give them time to prepare! A lot of our guests already live in New York, but we still have a good amount of friends and family in Florida as well, so I knew I wanted to plan accordingly and send our save the dates/invites as early as possible!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post. I am so excited to share the next few months of even more planning with you as it leads up to our big day!!